Membership Categories & Fees

Ordinary Members

The ordinary members category is available to companies, organisations, and individuals wanting to join the Association (National food composition database (FCDB) compiler organisations: see Full and Associate membership options below). For commercial organisations, the fee is calculated according to the annual turnover of the company, number of employees, and type of company. For non-commercial membership the fee is calculated according to the organisation type and data access and use. Members will profit from the benefits provided by the Association, including becoming part of a network of food composition data compilers, stakeholders and experts worldwide. There are five categories of ordinary membership available (exclude VAT where applicable):

Commercial organisations

Non-commercial organisations




Full Members

Full members typically include National food composition database (FCDB) compiler organisations, although categories for research organisations, non-profits and SMEs are available. For National Compilers, the fee is determined by the GDP of the country which they represent. To become a full member, associate status is granted for the first year with approval from the General Assembly before approving full membership status. There are five categories of full membership available (exclude VAT where applicable):

National Compiler GDP > 20,000€

National Compiler GDP = 10,000-20,000€

National Compiler GDP <10,000€

Research & other non-profit organisations