ePlantLIBRA is a database containing information about plant- and plant-food supplements globally, specifically bioactive compounds in botanicals and herbal extracts with putative health benefits and adverse effects. 

ePlantLIBRA is based on three existing databases: eBASIS (Bioactive Substances in Food Information System), developed by EuroFIR; the MoniQA contaminants database (FP6 Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the total food supply chain); and FERA’s HorizonScan database.

ePlantLIBRA has been designed to be a comprehensive, easily searched database containing quality evaluated scientific information on plant and plant food supplements (PFS), specifically bioactive compound composition, botanical information, beneficial bioactivity data and case-reports of adverse effects as well as composition of potential contaminants.

A user-friendly, efficient and flexible interface is provided for searching, extracting and exporting the data including references.  Visit the microsite here for more information!