Ordinary members

The membership category ordinary is available to companies, organizations and individuals wanting to join the Association (National food composition database (FCDB) compiler organizations: see Full and Associate members below). Members will profit from the benefits provided by the Association, including becoming part of a network of food composition data compilers, stakeholders and experts worldwide. Three types of ordinary membership are available:

  • Ordinary – Organization: academia, industry, non-profit, governmental and policy bodies
  • Ordinary – Individual: researchers, lecturers, dietitians and others
  • Ordinary – Students: undergraduate, masters, PhD students

Download membership application form for ordinary members 

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* Exclude VAT when applicable

 Full and associate members

These membership categories are for existing EuroFIR national FCDB compiler organisations and other supporting EuroFIR partners, as well as new national FCDB compiler organisations from Europe and beyond.

These members will benefit from a range of opportunities listed below. In addition they will be able to participate in new R&D projects, benefit from networking with users and stakeholders in Europe and beyond, and be able to help to steer the future strategic development of the AISBL.

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* Exclude VAT when applicable

For more information about how to apply, please contact  EuroFIR AISBL ‘s office: