Introduction to the ePlantLIBRA database Workshop: Presentations available

ePlantLIBRA Bioactive compounds in plant food supplements database

Wednesday, 26th March 2014

The newly developed ePlantLIBRA database is a comprehensive and searchable database, with up-to-date coherent and validated scientific information on Plant Food Supplement (PFS) bioactive compounds, with putative health benefits and adverse effects, and contaminants and residues. It is the only web-based database available compiling peer reviewed publications and case studies on PFS. A user-friendly, efficient and flexible interface has been developed for searching, extracting, and exporting the data, including links to the original references. This novel database is a powerful source of information on PFS for use by food industry, food authorities, policy-makers, regulators, health professionals and researchers.

  1. Welcome and brief overview of ePlantLIBRA (Paul Finglas, IFR/AISBL)
  2. Bioactive Composition data in ePlantLIBRA (Jenny Plumb, IFR)
  3. Beneficial effects data in ePlantLIBRA (Jacqueline Lyons, UCC)
  4. Adverse effects data in ePlantLIBRA (Patrizia Restani, UMIL)
  5. Sustainability plan and way ahead (Paul Finglas)
  6. Questions and Answers
Click here to download the powerpoint presentations of the speakers (all in one document).

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