5 Morning Juices For Your Nutrition

morning juice is a healthy choice

morning juice is a healthy choice

Morning juices help jumpstart your day. But that’s stating the obvious. There are plenty other reasons why you need to drink a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice for breakfast. Juice has minimal fiber, compared to a smoothie, so all the nutrients are absorbed quicker into the body. If your digestion is impaired due to your lack of healthy choices over the years, nutrient absorption is compromised. But when you drink juice straight up, it’s like it’s already pre-digested for you—and there’s nothing left for your system to do but take it all in.

And that’s not all. If you’re the type of person who hates eating the daily recommended amount of vegetables or fruits, juice is the perfect way to down it all with just a few gulps. No more chewing, and certainly no more squishy, bitter taste that makes some people want to gag it all out.

However, not all fruits and vegetables are “compatible” with each other. This means that if you mix the wrong ingredients, you can just end up with an upset stomach, and not be able to function properly for the most part of the morning (or the day). So before you buy that overly expensive juicer, do your research as to what fruit and veggie combination would be most suitable—starting right now.

The Green Juice

Green Juice is a combination of celery, cucumber, broccoli, and parsley

Green Juice is a combination of celery, cucumber, broccoli, and parsley

The green juice is a combination of celery, cucumber, broccoli, and parsley. Not only is it the perfect morning refreshment, it’s also the perfect detox drink to flush out all the bad toxins from the body. Plus, broccoli is a great anti-cancer food.

Very Berries

You can combine different kinds of berries to give you that sharp mind everybody needs to pay attention in the morning—whether in school or in the office. Berries are one of the high oxygen radical absorbance capacity foods, which means they help prevent cell-damage oxidation, as well as long-term memory loss.

Citrus with Pomegranate

Citrus with Pomegranate juices is rich in vitamin C

Citrus with Pomegranate juices is rich in vitamin C

You can never go wrong with citrus: Oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, et cetera. They’re right up there when it comes to the “favorites” list (and the most common). It’s anything but boring, and when mixed with pomegranate, the splash of color makes you want to drink it all day. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C too.

Energy Booster

Blend lychees and peaches with coconut water and you got the perfect morning juice which won’t just keep you hydrated longer, but will also give you the energy boost you need to breeze through the day. Also very low on calories.

Detox Surprise

The ingredients are beet, carrots, apples, and ginger. Beets are also known for providing energy, while carrots and apples are also rich in minerals and antioxidants—and so is ginger. It also helps improve circulation and helps indigestion.

There are plenty of other juices you can drink in the morning. Good thing you’ll never run out of recipes online or otherwise. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll also be able to make your own! Not only is it fun, but it’s mighty healthy too. Good luck!

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5 Tips On How To Get A Reliable Financial Advisor To Work For You

find the right financial adviser

find the right financial adviser

Hiring a person is to work for you is not always an easy task, particularly when it involves insurance, money as well as other personal finances. There are just some individuals who claim to be good financial advisors yet they are just out to make money without delivering quality services. The following are 5 tips on how to get a reliable financial advisor to work for you:

i) Prepare yourself

You need to take adequate time to exactly know what you are searching for. Write down your aims and objectives, earlier together with the reasons why you are looking for a financial advisor instead of waiting for him or her to ask. In addition, do not forget to make a list of questions ready for the financial advisor interview. This is essential since majority of people usually forget to list down the questions until after the first meeting resulting in the postponement of the search process.

ii) Know exactly the fee structure that you are comfortable with

make sure your agree with his/her financial plan

Make sure you agree with his/her financial plan

There are several ways in which financial advisors can be compensated and it is actually important to know which way you are comfortable with. The two basic methods are fees or commissions. There are some financial advisors who receive commissions each time they buy or sell something for you, whereby they get paid no matter the performance. This method can be costly especially if the financial advisor is not working at the interest of the business. Therefore, it is better to know the exact fee structure that you will be comfortable with before you hire a financial advisor.

iii) Choose how local your financial advisor should be

It is not a must for your financial advisor to reside in your town or even country. With the current technological advancement, it is very easy to work with a financial advisor who is very far away from you. You can use email, internet meetings, teleconferencing, cell phones and internet cameras to communicate with the advisor. This will make you feel that sense of personal contact even if you do not meet one on one. Therefore, it is upon you to determine how far or place your financial advisor should reside.

iv) Do not only depend on the advice of family and friends

It is normally great to hear a financial advisor has treated your friends and family in a caring, responsible and professional way but you should not use that reason as the only decision making point. Everybody has a different financial situation and personality; therefore you should know that not all advisers who excelled with your loved ones will work for you. You need to take time to inquire from friends and family about the financial advisor in advance before you meet him or her so as to determine whether he or she is the best one for you to help you attain your aims and objectives.

v) Decide on your risk tolerance and investment philosophy

think in advance how much risk are you willing to take

think in advance how much risk are you willing to take

Before you make an attempt to communicate to a prospective financial adviser, it is essential to determine how both you and your family are feeling about investing. Do you really prefer the minimal to no fluctuation or are you very comfortable with a major volatility? For instance, how do you feel in case your IRA value for last month is $200,000 and you realize a temporary decline to about $180,000 in the current month? Would it really result into an emotional distress or would you feel like the situation is a normal market fluctuation? If you do not have prior stand on this, then several advisers may attempt to sell to you their philosophies. The best way is to express your feelings to a financial advisor is on a descending scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is the extreme conservative and 10 is the aggressive conservative.

If you are actually looking for a financial advisor who can help you manage your finances, then the above 5 tips will be of much help to you. Use them appropriately and you will get a financial adviser of your dream.

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Time Management As Powerful Key For Your Success

be the entrepreneur you want to be

be the entrepreneur you want to be

We all have our different concerns in life. We have things and people we value most and we usually spend our time with them. Time is so precious that we should think wisely on how to spend it because time wasted can never be regained.

In many circumstances, people fail to reach their dreams in life because they forgot to take time seriously. They thought that chances are limitless but in life’s reality, sometimes opportunities come only once and if you will not grab that chance, it will just simply fade away and you will lose it forever.

Valuing time is what most entrepreneurs do for them to reach the peak of success in their chosen field.

How business owners do their time management?

improve your time management

improve your time management

For entrepreneurs, time is money. We cannot blame them to think that way because they manage their business and every day they struggle to increase their profits.

However, these business owners have also their own separate personal lives to handle. It is a big challenge for an entrepreneur to deal with some family issues at the same time cope up with the challenges that his business is facing.

The most effective method that most business-minded people use in managing time is setting up their priorities. That is a principle of putting the needs over wants in life. They believe that people are usually faced with time management issues because they do not know their priorities and they tend to focus on something that is unproductive.

How to deal with the demands of business?

Managing your own business demands a lot of time. You can never say that you will just let your workers do their jobs and you are already excused from your responsibilities. Since you own your business, you have the duty to make sure that everything is settled every day. The goal of all business is to make all transactions successful. High production and stability is what an entrepreneur desires for his business.

Meetings, proposals, business plans, marketing strategies, and more importantly the monitoring of the business performance are everyday tasks of almost all business owners. With so much demand of time, it is difficult for one person to handle things like these added with his personal matters to deal with.

What all entrepreneurs should remember?

set your priorities

set your priorities

There is always time for everything as long as you know how to determine the essential and non-essential aspects. It is true that there are personal events, occasions, and other issues to handle that would be sacrificed just for the sake of business. On the other hand, there are also business transactions that are not settled because of time spent for personal matters.

Knowing your priorities is the best ingredient of effective time management. Personal matters are never hindrances for a successful business career.

One thing that all people should bear in mind is that we are all in control of our time. It is up to use on how we would spend it. As long as we do productive things, then that time we used would lead us to success.

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